2 de set de 2009


[desenhos Marco Paulo Rolla: projeto performance]


70 buckets are posed in group on the space, the 7 people come from different places, they meet around the buckets. Than they prepare themselves to the action posing in front of a bucket, go on knee and immerse the head into the bucket. Microphones are placed in the air to amplify the sounds criated by the action. Each person has to stay as much as each one supports not to breath, the limit of the body, the limit of the water that overflows. From this limit the body should go up, standing quickly, as a big movement to surviving. Handle the body balance, breath. Them each person, repeat the action in this bucket till it do not contain enough water to dive, breath and go to another bucket, repeating the gestures. The water will overflow till it can not more cover the head, them we transport the water to the other bucket, and the quantity will be decreasing till only one person and one bucket can resists…

The position of the body will bring the memory of many religious postures. All the performance should be executed as a ceremony, with the concentration of a religious moment. And every one should really goes beyond the limit of breathing or not.

Marco Paulo Rolla 2007

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